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While we continue to serve as one of the top professional tree service companies in Greenville County, we pride ourselves in continuously improving the quality of tree care we provide. Equipped with a full array of commercial tree service equipment, we are prepare to handle any tree removal job you put in front of us. With over a decade of tree contractor experience, you can trust us to get the job done the right way.

From Greenville, South Carolina to Berea to Pickens to Simpsonville SC, it is our mission to not only get the job done properly and on time, but to be your go to tree removal company offering you superior service at honest and competitive rates for years to come. 



Tree trimming often requires more resources than simply chopping a tree down entirely. It can be extremely hazardous and should be left to a professional tree service company. 

Why Tree Trimming? Below are common scenarios where trimming your trees may be the preferred option over complete tree removal:

  • To Improve a tree’s overall health
  • Removal of hazardous branches
  • Visual Obstruction/Preference
  • General thinning or topping out
  • Preparation for selling the property


When done correctly, tree trimming and shaping will not only improve their appearance, but actually improve the health of your trees, making them stronger and less hazardous to the surrounding area (for example, by stopping dead branches from falling on buildings or people below).

We have literally spent YEARS perfecting advanced tree trimming techniques to ensure that your property is left without collateral damage and your trees left looking amazing.

When you work with our Greenville SC tree trimming team, you can be sure you get the tree service you need at an affordable rate. 

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Complete tree removals are by far our most common request, and is a skill that we have mastered over the past decade. 

Why Complete Tree Removal? Here are the most common reasons why our customers here in Greenville and Pickens County hire us to cut down their trees:

  • Property Renovation or Expansion
  • Decaying tree branches at risk of falling unexpectedly
  • Visual Obstruction or Aesthetic Preference
  • Branches dangerously near power lines
  • Roots damaging underground lines or foundations

Our tree extraction and removal process is simple and efficient:

  1. Schedule a visit to inspect your trees’ health and the conditions of the surrounding landscape.
  2. After inspection, you will be provided with a free tree removal estimate and determine the best time for removal
  3. We return with the necessary equipment and manpower to cut your trees down, chop into pieces and either haul them away or leave them, depending on what you request.

You can trust that your safety and the condition of your property is our top priority. Give us a call today for fast and affordable tree removal!



After a tree is cut down people often forget that removing the stump is an entirely different ball game.  Although trees may be the same species, they always vary in shapes and sizes. Sometimes root systems grow deep, while others grow wide. Save your yard or property from being butchered by a rush job. We train our team to keep a close eye for detail.

Why Stump Removal? Here are a few of the main reasons people want stumps grinded and removed:

  • Visually they may be unattractive to your taste
  • Hazardous for children & lawn equipment
  • Removing them ensures no future tree growth
  • They take up yard space
  • They can attract and host a variety of pests and unwanted insects (termites, centipedes, beetles, etc.)


Whether your stumps are a hazard, attract bugs, or just plain old ugly, we can help you rid them for good. While many tree service contractors do not have access to stump grinders, we have the equipment to get the job done. 

Our stump removal team can either leave you with the mulch to use as fertilizer or haul it off your property.  Equipped with heavy duty stump grinders, we are prepared to tackle your stump removal needs quickly and safely.

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Emergency Debris Removal Greenville County South Carolina


East Carolina is no stranger to natural disasters. From severe thunderstorms to hurricanes to tornadoes, Mother Nature can leave your property destroyed or, at the very least, a complete mess. You may not have access to the man-power or equipment needed to tackle an emergency clean up. Save yourself the headache and backache, give us a call to help you!

Having trained climbers and tree service professionals on our team, along with a boom truck, we are able to help you for unexpected (but necessary) tree removals. Call us today if you need destroyed vegetation on your property mulched and leveled down. 

Tree trimming near power lines Greenville County


As your trusted excavation and grading company in Eastern North Carolina, we strive to finish every excavation project on time and within budget, while still remaining  compliant with OSHA rules and regulations. As our reputation continues to grow, it is not uncommon for both business and homeowners to have us level out their land after a recent demolition.

Instead of hiring one company to do demolition and different one to handle the excavation, take advantage of our ability to do both. Save yourself the guesswork, by using us for both the demolition and excavation or land leveling, you will save both time and money 



Do you have a particular structure on your property you need demolished and removed?

Perhaps you love your home but the deck or patio attached to it needs to be replaced.

Demolition of your deck or patio serves as the first significant step to building a new and fresh structure for your home or property. We can help precisely remove structures on your property. Whether you have a pool that needs to be removed, an old pergola that needs to be torn down, concrete driveway removal, a barn, or a wall that needs to be demolished, we are well-equipped to tackle your demolition, excavation and removal needs.

Tree Trimming Greenville SC


Superior work ethic at competitive rates is what sets us apart from the others when it comes to demolitions in Eastern North Carolina. The owner, Tony, is present at every job site ensuring quality standards are met. While we are prepared to take on large demolition and excavation projects, we prefer to still give you the benefits of a more personal experience overall. We take passion in the quality of work that we provide you and are known for finishing projects on time and within budget. This “no cut corners” attitude has allowed us to expand our demolition services from Greenville NC, to now Raleigh and down to Jacksonville, NC. We take our reputation seriously and strive to meet and exceed your expectations by our willingness to go above and beyond.

If you ask any of the thousands of people we have worked with, you will quickly learn why we believe that we are the best tree removal company in Greenville SC and the surrounding areas. You could say that tree removal is our specialty, and we offer tree removal at fair and affordable rates that make sense.



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For close to a decade, we have been providing professional outdoor services to Greenville and Pickens County, and now to most of Upstate South Carolina. With humble beginnings doing tree removals for friends & family, our passion now extends to demolition and land clearing. We look forward to the privilege of completing all of your demolition and land clearing needs!

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